What is Let’s Know Things?

Each week, I (Colin Wright) engage in calm, non-shouty, non-polemical news analysis, putting a current event into more intelligible, useful context for folks of all backgrounds, beliefs, and leanings.

I started this show back in 2016, and this approach to the news (and to understanding it) has become both more vital and less common in the years, since.

Who’s Colin Wright?

I’ve written books like Becoming Who We Need To Be and Some Thoughts About Relationships, I host the Let’s Know Things and Brain Lenses podcasts, and I write and curate Aspiring Generalist.

I do some speaking, I travel a fair bit, and I love learning in all its forms (and sharing those learnings with others).

You can find out more about me, my work, and what I’m working on here, if you’re interested.

You can also say hello on the socials: Substack Notes / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter(X) / YouTube / LinkedIn / Mastodon / Bluesky

Why Should I Become a Paid Supporter?

Folks who support LKT make all the weekly, free episodes possible, and they gain access to an additional episode of the show each month (“More Things” episodes) as a thank you.

Where Can I Find a List of the Books You’ve Recommended On the Show?

On Amazon and on Bookshop.

Can I Send a Message to Colin?

Absolutely, I’d love to hear from you! The best way to reach me is via email: colin@letsknowthings.com

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Author, analytic journalist, podcast host. Currently: Milwaukee, WI, USA